Traffic Protection

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Enhanced 1+1 protection mode especially designed for hybrid links

The 1+1 protection example describes the most robust modification from available protection configuration. It uses two WAVEFORM CX1 IDU units on each side of protected link and doubles also number of connected EMM modules. It ensures whole redundancy of all HW parts of protected MW link.

Such protection scheme essentially improves protection reliability against wide range of HW failures and propagation fading.

Description and Advantages

The enhanced 1+1 protection mode supports FD/SD/XPIC/HSB modes with additional redundancy of IDU and connected EMM modules. The system ensures automatic reconfiguration of primary/secondary IDUs respectively according to detected failure type. Only actual Primary unit (IDU+EMMs) has activated its traffic ports.

  • 1+1 FD/SD/XPIC/HSB
  • improved protection reliability by IDUs and EMMs redundancy
  • automatic reconfiguration according to default or customer configuration
  • includes XPIC support
  • enhanced ACM mode for the highest traffic speed guarantee

Connection Scheme