Traffic Aggregation

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Enhanced 2+0 aggregation of hybrid traffic

The 2+0 aggregation example describes the special aggregation mode where IP traffic aggregation is combined with protection of IP, TDM and Video traffic. In addition such mode can be optionally established by means of two different type of system as in our case, where split mount WAVEFORM CX2 and full outdoor TWINWAVE systems are connected together.

Such aggregation scheme essentially improves reliability against HW failures and propagation fading and in addition doubles transmission capacity during normal working conditions.

Description and Advantages

The enhanced 2+0 aggregation supports FD/XPIC modes with additional protection of IP/TDM/Video traffic during HW failures or propagation fading. The system ensures automatic reassignment of TDM/Video traffic from connected EMMs into radio channel with stable parameters. IP traffic is either aggregated during normal condition or similarly assigned to stable channel during transmission issues.

  • 2+0 FD/XPIC
  • additional protection of IP/TDM/Video traffic
  • automatic reconfiguration according to default or customer configuration
  • includes XPIC support
  • enhanced ACM mode for the highest traffic speed guarantee
  • possibility to work in non symmetrical aggregation mode, where capacities of both radio channels are different


Connection Scheme