Hybrid IP/E1/ASI

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Hybrid IP/E1/ASI link with optional IP aggregation

The hybrid link example describes combination of WAVEFORM CX2 IDU with two external EMM modules with optional aggregation feature. There are connected two EMM cards in cascade (up to four EMMs can be connected in chain), the first one connects TDM traffic, second one connects Video traffic.

Such combination of IDU with different types of EMMs ensures high flexibility of WAVEFORM HS, CX, DX and TWINWAVE systems in complex networs.

Description and Advantages

The Hybrid link configuration supports up to four EMM cards in cascade connected to one IDU. There exists priority policy which ensures that EMM traffic has always higher priority than IP traffic and consequently traffic from EMM with lower ID (by default the first EMM in cascade) has higher priority than EMM traffic connected to higher ID EMM. It is important especially in combination with ACM where capacity of link could be decreased and system guarantees that the most important traffic has still minimal available capacity. Optionally combination with normal or enhanced 1+1 protection or with enhanced 2+0 aggregation can be configured

  • up to four EMM in cascade
  • configurable traffic priority in EMM change (possible EMM ID change)
  • EMM-16E1T1 for E1/T1 traffic connection
  • EMM-ASI for Video stream connection
  • EMM-ASITSI for Video stream connection and precise time synchronization (1PPS)
  • optional combination with enhanced 1+1 protection and 2+0 aggregation

Connection Scheme