SPU (AT105)

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Dual Carrier, High Capacity Outdoor Modem Board optimized for 2+0 mode with XPIC

SPU (AT104) is a Dual Carrier, Outdoor Modem Board with implemented XPIC functionality designed for rapid and easy pairing with customer´s RF part and fit for integration into waterproof enclosure. The dual carrier modem solution has two integrated modems on one baseband and thus delivers the excellent ability to combine it with two RF parts for aggregate or protective operation between two links. The solution allows to build complete full outdoor wireless links in protective (FD/XPIC), aggregate (2+0/XPIC) and non-redundant (1+0) configurations. The solution is designed to address universal applications not only on Ethernet platform but also allows building of Hybrid systems. That means that the user can scale the pure IP radio system with additional interfaces (e.g. DVB-ASI ports for HD video broadcasting and E1/T1 ports for TDM applications) when the service is requested. Thanks to its unique architecture and license keys the solution is fully scalable and allows a seamless upgrade of transmission capacity and unlock or implement the additional functionality when the service is requested.


System advantages

  • Dual carrier outdoor modem board for rapid and easy pairing with customer´s RF part into single full outdoor housing
  • Wide channels solution for greater capacity in the link
  • Integrated XPIC mechanism for doubling the capacity with interfering rejection
  • High modulation levels for improved spectrum efficiency
  • Scalable solution from non-redundant to protected or aggregate configuration
  • Hitless ACM (“Zero-downtime” Adaptive Coding and Modulation)
  • ETSI and ANSI platforms supported
  • High security with AES encryption and exceptional PTP1588 support
  • Enhanced Ethernet functionality for high performance
  • Prepared for integration, branding and customization for OEM customers

Technical specification

  • Outdoor Modem board with IQ interface is frequency independent and can be combined with RF parts operating in frequency bands 4 – 42GHz, both licensed and license-exempt
  • Up to 1,1 Gbps full duplex upgradable capacity in non-redundant mode
  • Up to 2,2 Gbps full duplex capacity in 2+0 configuration
  • 1+1 protection in FD/XPIC configuration support
  • 10 to 120 MHz user-configured channel bandwidths according to ETSI and ANSI requirements
  • Modulation support up to 2048QAM
  • Up to 10KBytes (Jumbo Packets) frame size
  • Built-in traffic interfaces
    • 1x 100/1000 BaseT (RJ-45POE)
    • 1x 100/1000 BaseT (RJ-45)
    • 2x SFP (1000BaseSX/LX)
  • Additional traffic interfaces
    • Up to 32x E1/T1 ports with EMM expansion module (2 modules in cascade)
    • Up to 8x DVB-ASI ports with EMM expansion module (2 modules in cascade)
  • Integrated management access
    • Inband and out-of band management accessible through LAN or USB ports
    • Telnet/SSH for CLI access, WEB GUI , SNMPv1/v2c/v3

Modification and Configuration

SPU (AT1050y)

  • Outdoor modem board with IQ interface for full outdoor solution

  • Dual carrier XPIC modem

  • Ready for integration, branding and customization for OEM customers