CUNI (AT103)

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Microwave modem for Voice, Video and Data transport

CUNI (AT103) represents a 2nd generation of Software defined Indoor Unit designed for split, point-to-point microwave radio applications. The IDU is designed to address universal applications on both Ethernet and PDH platforms and is ideal for the video streams distribution. This high speed Ethernet optimized system can be simply scaled thanks to EMM extension modules providing additional interfaces (DVB-ASI ports for HD video broadcasting and E1/T1 ports for TDM applications) when the service is requested at the optimal cost. The IDU is compatible with all major third-party ODUs for easy building of complete microwave radio systems.

CUNI (AT103) IDU is the high capacity, high performance and flexible solution prepared for branding and customization to OEM customers.


System advantages

  • Microwave modem for split mount, point-to-point MW applications
  • Price optimized solution ideal for last mile connections
  • Ready for combination with all major ODU producers and brands
  • Prepared for branding and customization for OEM customers
  • Scalable solution from non-redundant to protected or aggregate configuration
  • Hitless ACM (“Zero-downtime” Adaptive Coding and Modulation)
  • ETSI and ANSI platforms supported
  • High security with AES-128/256 Encryption
  • Enhanced Ethernet functionality for high performance
  • Great number of user ports available in this small form IDU

Technical specification

  • Modem unit is frequency independent and can be combined with ODUs operating in frequency bands 4 – 42GHz, both licensed and license-exempt

  • Up to 370 Mbps full duplex upgradable capacity in non-redundant mode

  • Up to 740 Mbps full duplex capacity in 2+0 configuration

  • 1+1 protection in HSB/SD/FD configuration support

  • 7 to 56 MHz user-configured channel bandwidths according to ETSI and ANSI requirements

  • Built-in Hitless ACM

  • Up to 10KBytes (Jumbo Packets) frame size

  • Small IDU footprint (half-rack unit) for scarce space installations

  • Built-in traffic interfaces
    • 3x 100/1000 BaseT (RJ-45)
    • 2x SFP (1000BaseSX/LX)
  • Additional traffic interfaces
    • Up to 64x E1/T1 ports with EMM expansion module (4 modules in cascade)
    • Up to 16x DVB-ASI ports with EMM expansion module (4 modules in cascade)
    • 1x PPS – real time synchronization pulses for timing reference over MW link
  • Integrated management access
    • Inband and out-of band management accessible through LAN or USB ports
    • Telnet/SSH for CLI access, WEB GUI, SNMPv1/v2c/v3

Modification and Configuration

CUNI (AT1030x)

  • 1U half 19´rack width modem unit in robust enclosure

  • Ready for branding and customization for OEM customers

CUNI (AT1030y)

  • Modem unit in form of loose boards prepared for integration into customer designed housing

  • Ready for branding and customization for OEM customers


Complete sort of accessories such as AC/DC Power supplies, cables, etc. are available to provide the turn-key system solution for our OEM customers.