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Dual XPIC modem IP core and customer specific modem design

This product is generally offered as customizable FPGA IP core for point-to-point MW modems. It contains two channel/carrier IQ modem with GPI interface which could be,according to customer specification, combined with wide range of additional IP cores (encryption. multitraffic packet processor, 1GETH, 10GETH, ..) and built complete MW modem according to customer request.

ATH offers extra option to design both HW and SW and tune both design parts according our long time experience with similar projects.

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Basic modem specification

  • two carrier modem with built in XPIC rejection
  • BW up to 160 MHz according to selected FPGA
  • QAM up to 2048
  • hitless ACM
  • IQ or direct IF ADC/DAC interface
  • RS FEC
  • optional AES encryption
  • optional 1GETH MAC