ASITSI (AT20103)

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ASI access and Timing Reference distribution for Video Broadcasting

Optional External Multiplexer Module ASITSI (AT20103) with Timing Synchronization Interface (TSI) receives and transmits multiple HD video streams directly from broadcast equipment along with real time synchronization pulses (1PPS) and frequency reference signal 10MHz. With the built-in temperature stabilized oscillator (OCXO) the module delivers highly accurate signal to the remote link site and further redistribute the stable and jitter free 1PPS and 10MHz signal across the whole network – support of Single Frequency Network (SFN) infrastructure. The ASITSI (AT20103) EMM module accepts an external timing reference from timing sources such as GPS antenna or 1PPS input to deliver high precise and stable timing reference over WAVEFORM microwave radio links with an exceptional holdover functionality and offers additional interface ports to all range of OEM Modem Units.

The system enables transport of HD video streams along with IP/Ethernet and data services over the same platform.

Simple interconnection with OEM Modem Units is over fibre optics or metallic cable via dedicated SFP ports in EMM and Modem Unit.

ASITSI (AT20103) EMM module is ready for branding and customization to OEM customers.



System advantages

  • Multiple DVB-ASI access for broadcast applications and Timing Reference distribution across WAVEFORM microwave networks and additional ports for OEM Modem Units
  • Highly accurate timing synchronization and precise time signal distribution with unique time synchronization algorithm
  • External timing signal from GPS or 1PPS inputs
  • Built-in temperature stabilized oscillator (OCXO)
  • Automatic timing synchronization storage backup
  • Seamless integration of DVB-T standards and video streams into new and existing networks
  • MPEG data carried directly from broadcast equipment over the microwave link with timing to numerous timing clients
  • Mixed traffic of n x ASI signals along with Fast and Gigabit Ethernet data
  • Capacity is dynamically allocated between occupied ASI channels and Ethernet stream
  • Each bidirectional DVB-ASI port setup individually
  • ASI signals transmission priority over Ethernet stream
  • Supported combination of ASITSI (AT20103) and E1T1 (AT20101) and ASI (AT20102) modules
  • Prepared for branding and customization for OEM customers

Technical specification

  • Up to 4x 270/216 Mbps for ASI standard in single module
  • Support of up to 4 modules in cascade at one link terminal
  • 188/204 Byte packet size
  • Add-drop support
  • Cross connect support
  • Built in GPS synchronization
  • 1 PPS and 10MHz precise synchronization transport with holdover function
  • Small footprint (half-rack unit) for scarce space installations
  • Built-in traffic interfaces
    • 4x bidirectional DVB-ASI ports (4x Tx/Rx BNC) in one module (up to 4 modules in cascade)
    • 1x 1 PPS in/out (BNC)
    • 1x 10MHz in/out (BNC)
    • 1x 1 PPS out (BNC)
    • 1x 10MHz out (BNC)
    • 2x SFP (1000BaseSX/LX) for Modem Unit and other EMM interconnection
  • Integrated management access
    • Managed by common management from connected Modem Unit over SFP
    • Telnet/SSH for CLI access, WEB GUI, SNMPv1/v2c/v3

Modification and Configuration

ASITSI (AT20103x)

  • 1U half 19´rack width module in robust enclosure

  • Ready for branding and customization for OEM customers

ASITSI (AT20103y)

  • EMM module in form of loose boards prepared for integration into customer designed housing

  • Ready for branding and customization for OEM customers


Complete sort of accessories such as AC/DC Power supplies, cables, etc. are available to provide the turn-key system solution for our OEM customers.